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Finally someone tells the truth about ‘added sugar’ in processed foods

In his show ‘Last Week Tonight” John Oliver discusses ‘added sugars’. The average American (and European) consumes five times more sugar then necessary, which leads to the current obesity epidemic. Research also shows that sugar is very addictive and comparable to cocaine.

One of the main causes of the over-use of sugar, is the fact that large amounts of it is added to our processed food and beverages, just to make it taste better. A great solution would be, if regulation would mandate that every product should be labeled with the amount of sugar that was added to the product. And since we are very bad in understanding grams and ounces, it would be best to just state on the label how many spoons of sugar were added to our meals, candy and softdrinks.

Or as John Oliver states it: show us your peanuts!!

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