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TED talk: “The erosion of empathy” by Simon Baron Cohen

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of meeting Simon Baron Cohen here in Amsterdam at a fundraiser for the treatment of autism. He flew in from Londen to educate the audience about this subject. At first I was fascinated by the fact that Simon is Sacha Baron Cohen’s first cousin (and has the most intriguing story’s about how Sacha become the world-famous Ali G. and Borat). But he is also a great speaker. This morning I watched one of his TEDtalks. Where he discovers the reverse correlation between autistics and psychopaths to discover the root of human cruelty.

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Marc’s toespraak over vluchtelingen in het Verzetsmuseum

Tijdens de “Nacht van de Vervanging” in het Verzetsmuseum in Amsterdam houdt Marc de Hond een verrassende toespraak. Animatie via Stichting Beeldtaal en Vist Brabant. Deel deze pagina: Klik om te dele


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